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Blockchain Based Real Estate Platform


SLD is developing a real estate investment information sharing platform. SLD addresses the polarization of capital due to the information gap in the 21st century digital information society. SLD’s role is to help users effectively invest in assets through high-quality information sharing platforms related to real estate investment.

Real estate is one of the assets that many people consider safe. However, it is difficult to obtain proper investment information. SLD provides a community ecosystem for sharing real estate information Appropriate cryptocurrency rewards are given to users who are active in the community. High-quality information can be shared through free exchange of opinions among users and judgment of verified real estate experts.


Community ecosystem for information sharing

The operation team of SLD community is composed of experts from all walks of life in the field of real estate investment. Experts act as helpers in the operation of a substantial community ecosystem. Users can share real estate-related information through voluntary information update, and cryptocurrency is paid as a reward for activities.

In order to bring the ecosystem to life, SLD uses a portion of the foundation's business profits in the form of buyback. The cryptocurrency that has been bought back is incinerated in whole or in part.

Fengshui Geography Application Service

SLD plans to launch a Fengshui app beta service in March 2021. The Fengshui geography service provided by SLD provides customized information to users through big data that collects basic personal information.

It provides a variety of Fengshui information from selection of real estate location to moving, meeting place, date course, and travel course, which may be useful in real life.


Real estate investment information sharing platform

Cryptocurrency is paid as a reward for active information sharing
Verified expert
Real estate experts are placed to provide advanced information to users.
Protection of rights to investment information
Participants are given a unique identification number for the information they provide, allowing them to be authorized for investment information.

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